SourceForge Logo A tool to manage configurations of network devices in CVS, such as Cisco routers and switches, 3COM equipment, and more. Uses a combination of perl and TCL to extract configuration, and dump into a repository. Modules are easily written to support new devices

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Project News

  • Small update...   2001-12-22 07:37
  • Small note on cat4000.tcl from version 1.0...   2001-12-05 15:38
  • 1.0 Released   2001-11-27 07:45
  • Kickoff!   2001-11-26 09:23
  • Currently supported:

    • Cisco routers/switches which allow you to log in and copy run tftp
    • 4000 series Catalyst switches
    • PIX Firewall
    • 3COM superstack II switches via SNMP
    • Ascend/Lucent MAX/TNT line, via SNMP write to force a TFTP download
    What's new in CVS?
    Stuff that's in the CVS tree but not released
    • viewConfig registration file for NNM. Allows quick access to configuration history
    • Takes device names on the command line, so this can be called as a result of a trap or syslog message

    Links of interest
    configsafe-users mailing list
    configsafe-announce mailing list
    Project page includes downloads, documentation, and status
    CVSWeb - use this to view your configurations over the web

    Other links of interest
    COSI-NMS - Tools to help manage Cisco devices

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